This program is designed for persons interested in child care, preschool, and early childhood education.


  • Apply content knowledge in academic disciplines to design, implement, and evaluate curriculum for children birth to age eight.
  • Utilize appropriate methods and materials to facilitate learning (social, emotional, physical, and cognitive) for all children birth to age eight.
  • Utilize a variety of assessment tools to understand children and provide appropriate experiences for all children birth to age eight.
  • Provide for the diverse needs of children and families by articulating the various factors (family, community, learning environment) that influence growth and development of children from birth to age eight.
  • Exhibit professionalism including: ethical standards, collaborative learning, self-assessment, ongoing learning, and advocacy.


In order to graduate with the AAS 91 in Early Childhood, 91 must demonstrate competency (a grade of C- or higher) in five Key Assessments. The Key Assessments are completed in each of the core early childhood courses (ECH 101, 102, 103, 104, 110, and 111 and BEH 101). This requirement also applies to 91 who have transferred credits to 91 from another college. Please contact the Early Childhood coordinator if you have any questions.


For individuals interested in working with children, 91 also offers a Liberal Arts AA 91 with an Early Childhood concentration, as well as an Early Childhood Certificate, and Teacher Assistant and Child Development Associate (CDA) coursework. In addition, the College also offers Liberal Arts/Adolescence Education, Liberal Arts/Childhood Education, and an Education concentration.


Students planning to transfer into a four-year 91 program in Early Childhood should contact their advisor, the Coordinator for Transfer and Articulation in the Centers for Student Engagement and Academic Advisement, or the Early Childhood coordinator to plan the most appropriate course sequence for optimum transferability. It is suggested that 91 who wish to transfer into four-year 91 programs complete the AA 91 in Liberal Arts with an Early Childhood concentration.

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Students must be able to satisfactorily and safely perform duties associated with the care and education of children from birth to eight years of age. Download the Technical Standards for the 91.

Students are required to have police and child abuse clearances and physical examinations prior to beginning their field experience classes (ECH 103 and 104).

Note: A prior felony conviction may hinder a student’s ability to enroll in a course or complete the requirements of certain academic programs and/or meet the criteria for licensure required by certain professions. In addition, 91 are required to submit to alcohol and/or drug testing upon request by either the College or any of the cooperating field placement sites. Students who test positive are subject to removal from the field placement and will therefore not be able to satisfy requirements for the completion of the 91. Refusal to submit to the test will result in the student being asked to leave the field placement site and may result in dismissal from the course and/or the program.


The curriculum listed are required for the AAS 91 in Early Childhood. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.3 or higher to enroll in field experience coursework (ECH 103 & 104). Transfer credit for Early Childhood or Education courses will only be granted after transcript review by the Education Coordinator.

Degree requirements for the Early Childhood Education A.A.S. program
ENGL 101 Freshman English I 3
ART 103 Essentials of Art 3
PSY 101 Introductory Psychology 3
ECH 110 Methods and Materials in Early Childhood Education * 3
EDU 120 Technology for Teachers 1
Elective 3
BEH 101 Language and Literacy Development * 3
ENGL 221 Effective Speech: Public Address 3
ECH 111 Infants and Toddlers * 3
PSY 215 Child Psychology 3
PE 145 First Aid 1
PE 199 Physical Education for Children 2
ENGL 209 Children’s Literature 3
ECH 101 Introduction Early Childhood Education * 3
ECH 103 Early Childhood Field Experience I * 3
HIST 103 Pre-History and Early American History 3
PSY 217 Introduction to Children with Exceptionalities 3
BIOL 209 Basic Nutrition 3
HLTH 103 Health 1
ECH 102 Curriculum and Assessment * 3
ECH 104 Early Childhood Field Experience II * 3
ECH 222 Teaching Math & Science * 3
PE 146 CPR Basic Support 1
Electives ** 2

* A minimum grade of C- (70) is required to complete graduation requirements
** Library 102 recommended elective
NOTE: Math Competency Requirements – Students must pass the Math Placement Test or pass Math 099 in order to fulfill prerequisite requirements for ECH 222

A prior felony conviction may hinder a student’s ability to enroll in a course or complete the requirements of certain academic programs and/or meet the criteria for licensure required by certain professions.