A cumulative average of 2.0 (C) is one of the requirements for the associate 91 or certificate. Your progress toward this goal is reviewed when you have attempted 6 or more credits; subsequent reviews take place at the end of each succeeding grading period. If you are within the following grade-point criteria you will be dismissed from the College:

Total Actual or Equivalent
GPA Credits Grade Point Average
6-11 Less than .75
12-15 Less than 1.00
16-30 Less than 1.50
31-45 Less than 1.70
46 or more Less than 1.90

Academic Warning: Matriculated 91 in their first semester who meet the criteria above will not be academically dismissed, but will be placed on academic warning. You will be required to meet with a Student Success Advocate in the Centers for Student Engagement and Academic Advisement to create an academic plan for the semester.

NOTE: The College maintains eligibility rules for members of athletic teams and holders of major offices in various clubs.

You are classified as a second-year student if all entrance deficiencies have been removed, all freshman requirements have been passed, and at least 28 credits have been earned.

You cannot enroll in a course unless all prerequisites have been satisfied.


Matriculated 91 will be placed on academic probation and limited to a 12-15 credit load if the following criteria apply:

GPA Credits GPA Credits Grade Point Average
12-15 At least 1.00 and less than 1.50
16-30 At least 1.50 and less than 1.70
31-45 At least 1.70 and less than 1.90
46 or more At least 1.90 and less than 2.00


If you have been academically dismissed from the College, you may file a written appeal for reinstatement. Reinstatement applications are available in the Centers for Student Engagement and Academic Advisement and the academic and student affairs office. Appeals should include any extenuating circumstances hindering your academic progress. If needed, you should contact counselors in the Centers for Student Engagement and Academic Advisement for further information or assistance. You will be notified by letter of the decision rendered by the committee.


A student’s signature is required for the release of your academic transcript. Transcript request forms can be obtained your my91 account or from the Registrar’s office. Students may also request official transcripts from their My91 account. A transcript will not be released if there is a financial hold on the student’s record.


If you wish to change your major, request advisement and the proper forms from the Centers for Student Engagement and Academic Advisement.


Final grades are calculated at the end of the semester. Using your my91 ID and password, you may view your grades online through your .

Grades / Quality Points per credit hour
A, A*    4.0 A-, A-    3.7
B+, B+*    3.3 B, B+*    3.0 B-, B-*    2.7
C+, C+*    2.3 C, C*    2.0 C-, C-*    1.7
D+, D+*    1.3 D, D+*    1.0 D-, D-*    0.7
F, F*    0.0

* All remedial courses have a grade with an asterisk. All remedial courses count in a student’s attempted, passed credits and GPA. They do not count in earned credits.

The following are not calculated in the index:
INC Incomplete (details follow)
W Withdrawal from course without grade
R Repeated D or F grade
IR Illegal repeated grade
AU Audit
S Satisfactory-completed through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)


An Incomplete is a temporary grade given when you are unable to complete a small part of the course requirements or cannot take the final examination due to illness or other justifiable circumstances. A student requesting an Incomplete must fill out a Request for Incomplete Form, listing the valid reason for not completing all requirements and must agree to the terms and conditions set by the instructor to complete the course. This form must be completed by the last day of class. Please note: if a student has received a grade of Incomplete at the end of the semester, it will not be possible to change that grade to a “W”.

All coursework must be completed by the 20% mark of the following 15-week semester; otherwise the incomplete will be changed to F, or the default grade provided by the instructor. In rare cases for certain courses where appropriate (for example, internships that are not offered at the beginning of a semester), an additional extension may also be given until the end of the following 15-week semester upon the instructor’s approval. Please note that an F grade may result in academic probation or academic dismissal.

Incomplete grade for must be completed by
Fall semester 20% mark of the Spring semester
Spring semester 20% mark of the Fall semester
Intersession 20% mark of the Spring semester
Summer session 20% mark of the Fall semester

Students are advised to consult the Financial Aid Office if they are seeking an incomplete, since incompletes may have implications for financial aid.


If your instructors choose to report D and F grades at midterm, you will be informed. This grade is for guidance purposes only and is not entered on your permanent record.


If you are interested in receiving more than one 91, you must meet with your Academic Advisor to complete a multiple 91 contract. No second or third 91 is granted without an approved contract on file in the Registrar’s Office. Not all multiple 91 combinations are allowed, so contact the Centers for Student Engagement and Academic Advisement as early as possible. Note: A certificate will not be awarded if you have completed 91 requirements in the same field.


Grades for the following non-credit courses (ENGL 049, ENGL 097, ENGL 098, MATH 070, and MATH 099) are calculated in a student’s grade point average (GPA).


Repeated courses will count as Credits Attempted regardless of the reason for repeating, or the grade received.

A course may be repeated, but credit will be granted only for the most recent attempt and the most recent grade will be used to compute the grade point average (GPA) unless the student has already been awarded a 91 or certificate. In such cases, if a repeated course was part of the 91 or certificate program, the original attempt and grade will be included in the GPA.

Repeating a course which a student previously passed may affect a student’s eligibility for financial aid. For state aid purposes, if a student repeats a course that was previously passed, that course cannot be included as part of the student’s enrollment status. For federal aid purposes, a student may repeat a previously passed course only once for that course to be included as part of the student’s enrollment status.

The right to repeat courses in certain programs, such as (but not limited to) Nursing, is not automatic. If you fail to complete a course successfully, you may be denied the opportunity to continue in that curriculum. Please contact the relevant department or division for more information concerning program requirements.