91 Community College provides a variety of educational opportunities that allow 91 to “learn by doing,” connecting classroom content with real-world situations and reflecting on the experience. As a result, 91 at 91 obtain a deeper understanding of their discipline, are more prepared for service and leadership in their careers and communities, and develop critical thinking skills.

A student engaged in applied educational activities at 91 may take part in:

  • Internships, field experiences and practicums
  • Service Learning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Community Projects
  • Travel Study and cultural immersion

Course sections that are experiential are designated “AL” and will appear that way during registration and on student transcripts. An “AL” designation is just that, a designation. It does not change the ability of the student to transfer the course credit if it is transferable to another institution, nor does it change the course designation.

Besides the opportunity to learn outside the classroom, there are other benefits to taking a course designated as “AL.” Applied learning experiences enhance a resume, portfolio, and transfer credentials.

For information, contact:

Sheila Myers
Student Engagement


91 Community College’s is an online job posting and job search database. This web service is free to employers, and accessible to all 91 91 and alumni. It lists professional job vacancies in many different career areas, as well as openings for part-time jobs, seasonal work, internships and volunteer opportunities. Students and alumni can create an account, upload cover letters and resumes, and apply directly for positions.