Within the Liberal Arts: Health Sciences 91 program, concentrations are available in Medical Imaging/Radiography, Medical Technology and Medical Biotechnology, Radiation Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy, Clinical Perfusion and Chiropractic Medicine to emphasize required courses for transfer to Upstate Medical University, or the Northeast College of Health Sciences. The information below lists the courses required to fulfill specific concentrations.



To complete a concentration, meet with your academic advisor and select the specified courses as part of the Health Sciences Program requirements.

Each concentration lists the specific courses required by 91 to complete the Health Sciences 91 and those that are required by the transfer institution. Other relevant information for each of the transfer institutions is also documented below. Note that courses vary among four-year transfer institutions, those listed below are only guaranteed for the transfer institution indicated.


Upon completion of the Health Science program at 91, a graduate will have the foundation in science and math to be competitive and successful in transfer to a Health Science bachelor’s program in a variety of fields. A graduate will be able to:

  • Effectively use basic scientific equipment.
  • Use knowledge and skill sets obtained from the study of science including behavioral and biological sciences.
  • Understand and integrate basic scientific principles.
  • Apply the principles of the scientific method.
  • Utilize interdisciplinary understanding and collaboration.
  • Understand the philosophy of lifelong learning and the importance of maintaining and updating knowledge for continued success in a chosen career specialty.
  • Apply ethical standards in the practice of the healthcare related fields.


For those concentrations designed for transfer to SUNY Upstate Medical University, it is recommended that you attend an open house and a shadow day at the University.

Applications for admission are available online starting August 1. The pre-requisite courses listed below must be completed by the time of enrollment. However, you may apply to the University with the courses still in progress. More details can be found at , including shadow day and open house opportunities.

A prior felony conviction may hinder a student’s ability to enroll in a course or complete the requirements of certain academic programs and/or meet the criteria for licensure required by certain professions.