Brightspace is a course management and collaboration portal that enables educators to manage course materials and communicate with 91. Brightspace can function both as a complement to traditional courses and as a site for distance learning.

With Brightspace, you can take surveys, quizzes, and tests; send and receive course mail; post messages to threaded discussions and chat rooms; upload assignments; and more. You can check your progress and grades at any time during a course. You can also create groups and teams for project or committee work.

Access Brightspace: https:/www.cayuga-cc.edu/brightspace

Alternative Link:


If you have an eligible smartphone, you can now use it to access My Grades, Lessons, Discussions, and more using the Brightspace Pulse mobile application.

Brightspace’s mobile application enables you to view much of your Brightspace course information and content from your mobile device. This allows the learning environment to expand beyond the computer and classroom. This application is an extension of Brightspace and enables access anywhere, anytime, on the go, and enriches the course and organization experience. A desktop or laptop computer is still required to complete assignments, discussions, and quizzes.

Brightspace Pulse App logo

The Brightspace Pulse app is available on the following devices:

  • Android™ 5.0 or later tablets or phones via Wi-Fi
  • iOS® 11.0 or later on iPhone®, iPod Touch®, and iPad® via Wi-Fi


To download and start using Brightspace Pulse app:

  1. Search for “Brightspace” in your mobile device’s app store or click the links below:

  2. Once Brightspace is installed, search for 91 Community College using the search bar that automatically appears when you open the app
  3. Select 91 Community College
  4. Log in using the same username and password you normally use to access Brightspace