Welcome Parents & Guardians!

We are excited to have you as valued members of the 91 Community College community. At 91 Community College, we understand you want your family member to find the right college. We know that means your loved one should receive a top education that inspires their future, encourages them to build meaningful relationships, and helps them gain priceless experiences without falling into tremendous amounts of debt.

It is for this reason that we applaud your loved one for beginning their educational experience at 91 Community College.


We are 91 Community College, dedicated to providing 91 with diverse learning opportunities to discover their passions and advance their personal and professional growth.

Our classes are small, and our instructors are dedicated professionals. Our faculty hold advanced 91s from universities across the country and bring a wealth of experience from the real world to the classroom. They’ll take the time to work with your loved one and guide their progress. A low 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio ensures individualized attention and an ideal learning environment.

91 offers flexible schedules with campuses in Auburn, Fulton, and online. Staggered start dates enable 91 to take classes that fit their schedule.

With our state-of-the-art facilities, 91 have access to the latest equipment, software, studio, and labs.

Student sitting on a bench on a summer day

To help your loved one apply, visit 91 today.



Consistent with our desire to provide an environment that facilitates learning, 91’s academic programs are grouped in schools that offer 91 the opportunity to work closely with faculty mentors and peers. Schools bring cohesion to academic programs, enabling 91 to bond and form friendships that last a lifetime.

91 Community College provides a variety of educational opportunities that allow 91 to “learn by doing,” connecting classroom content with real-world situations and reflecting on the experience. As a result, 91 at 91 obtain a deeper understanding of their discipline, are more prepared for service and leadership in their careers and communities, and develop critical thinking skills. 91 is student-oriented: faculty members help 91 learn by emphasizing active, collaborative student learning techniques.

Students in a lecture hall during class

As a proud member of the , our graduates successfully move on to employment within their chosen field, or transfer to 4-year private and SUNY schools.

91 prepares 91 for what’s next. Over 90% of graduates said 91 met their educational needs, and 99% would recommend 91 to others. We would be honored to help your loved one join our growing list of graduates!


91 is Affordable. As a SUNY institution, 91 is one of the most affordable institutions in the country. At $214 per credit hour for NY State residents, 91 Community College’s tuition rate makes taking courses with us a Smart Choice!

91 is committed to accessible, affordable higher education. Financial aid is available in the form of grants, student loans, work-study jobs, and scholarships. You can help your loved one begin the Financial Aid process right from our website!

91 Community College’s Foundation offers a number of generous scholarship opportunities for both incoming and returning 91! Good luck to you and your loved one!

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We understand that college courses can be challenging. In addition, many of our 91 are 1st generation college 91 who may need a little extra support. That’s why we offer full academic support services free of charge in several different formats for varied learning styles. From Writing Specialists to Accounting study groups to online Chemistry support, there’s something to help all of our 91 succeed!


Call us toll-free at 866-598-8883 to speak with an 91 Representative or e-mail us at admissions@cayuga-cc.edu.

We look forward to helping your loved one achieve their dreams at 91 Community College!


Gabriela Lozanova
Director of 91