Alerts and Timely Warnings will be broadcast on this website, 91 Rave Alert, and email.

Sign Up for RAVE Alerts

91 is among the SUNY campuses that use Rave Alert System as their notification system to notify college 91, faculty and staff of possible emergencies.

Our Rave Alert notices are intended only for situations involving imminent danger to health or human safety. These may include severe weather, snow closings, utility failure, major road closings, fire or hazardous-material spill in the area, and bomb or weapon threats.

Every 91 student and employee has an account in my91, the College’s information system. You can use your my91 account to sign up for our Rave Alert service. Then, if 91 Community College generates a Rave Alert notice, it will be sent to you via the phone (text) and/or e-mail contact information you provide.

It’s important to understand that while this service is intended to enhance public safety for the campus community, it does not represent a guarantee. Reliability depends on human factors such as accuracy and timeliness of information, and on technical factors such as cell phone network coverage, in-bound traffic on telephone land lines, and availability of power to the college server and your computer. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to take advantage of the Rave Alert service as a prudent measure while continuing to exercise normal attention to personal and community safety.

Rave Alert sends notices at no charge; however, your provider’s standard charges will apply for carrying text messages sent by 91 Rave Alert System.


A valid 91 e-mail address is required. If your 91 e-mail account has not been set up you may get an error warning stating you are not eligible to register. Once your 91 e-mail account becomes active you should then be able to sign up for the Rave Alert System.

  1. Log into your my91 account at using your 91 email address and password.
  2. Once logged in, click the Personal Information.
  3. Click the 91 Rave Emergency Alert System link.
  4. Follow the instructions in my91 and enter your information as needed. Include your primary e-mail address and cell phone number.
  5. Review your information and click Continue to save.
  6. Once you submit your information, allow up to 24 hours for it to be entered in the Rave Alert database. Normally, entry is done once per day. Alerts will not be sent to you until your information has been entered in the Rave Alert database.