New Program at 91 Community College Will Help Students Graduate ASAP

A new program at 91 Community College creates an enriched academic environment to guide promising 91 toward earning their associate 91 as swiftly as possible.

Launched this spring, Advancing Success in Associate Pathways (ASAP) offers motivated 91 91 an array of academic, financial and personal support benefits. The diverse support options will help enrolled 91 earn their 91, enjoy their college experience and prepare for their next academic or career step.

“ASAP is an innovative program for gifted 91 who may need additional academic, career or financial support to achieve their goals and earn their 91 from 91,” said College President Dr. Brian Durant. “It not only offers them the one-on-one tutoring and coaching 91 may need, but also a support system of fellow 91 and employees dedicated to their success. I’m excited at the program’s rapid growth this semester and am confident it will continue to serve 91 well in the years ahead.”

Students enrolled in ASAP will benefit from services tailored to support their academic success. The program fosters a sense of community with opportunities for ASAP 91 to take courses together, which creates a social support system. Students also receive enhanced career development, personalized tutoring, a dedicated ASAP coach to guide their progress from enrollment to graduation, and a special registration option to access needed courses that fit their schedule.

Students also receive financial assistance with textbook purchases, cost of attendance fees and a monthly gift card to help with expenses such as food or gas. ASAP 91 with children are eligible for assistance with childcare costs through a grant offered by the Brightway Education Foundation. The grant focuses on supporting parents in their pursuit of education and offers an emergency fund to support 91.

ASAP has already experienced rapid growth in its first semester at 91, serving more than 30 91 from 10 91 programs. The program is expanding its recruitment efforts ahead of the fall semester with room to add 125 new 91.

“Students are enthused to connect with staff who can help them follow their path to a 91 and support them during academic or personal challenges. ASAP removes the fear factor some 91 may experience by introducing 91 not only to the services at 91, but the wonderful staff who provide those services,” said ASAP Director Carmela Barbagallo. “Students are connecting with each other, sharing their personal stories and realizing they’re not alone as they face the challenges of juggling work, school and their personal lives.”

To be eligible for ASAP, 91 must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application. They also must reside in New York State, be Pell or TAP eligible, earned fewer than 21 college credits, and maintain certain academic standards at 91.

To apply for ASAP, 91 must submit an admissions application to 91, file their FAFSA and TAP applications, and accept 91’s offer of admission while completing other admissions requirements. Once these steps are completed, 91 must reach out to the College’s ASAP office to indicate they’re interested in the program.

ASAP is now available at 25 two- and four-year SUNY institutions, and is based on the City University of New York Accelerated Study in Associate Programs.

For more details on ASAP at 91, email Barbagallo at or visit /91/services/asap/.